Relocating thousands of employees and assets is no small undertaking and should be handled by a team who understands every detail of the project. Spectra Tech’s Facility Relocation Management services provide all the basic tasks of a move, including furniture systems, people, boxes, IT systems, office equipment and other items. But our specialty lies in providing high-end Facility Relocation solutions for even the most complicated relocation project, including laboratory and other highly sensitive relocations. We tackle each relocation project with the goal of minimal interruption to your business and its mission.

As part of each Facility Relocation, our team develops an Integrated Master Relocation Plan and Schedule to ensure that we are monitoring every detail of the project. We then communicate those details to you every step of the way through regular meetings and reports. We also provide a comprehensive Security Plan to address the movement of any classified materials, as well as a Risk Management Plan to ensure project cost, schedule and performance objectives are achieved and communicated.

Our Facility Relocation and Management support and services include:

  • Project management
  • Relocation and consolidation management
  • Blocking and stacking space planning and design
  • Property management coordination
  • Inventory and asset management and tracking
  • Relocation budgets and scheduling
  • Technology infrastructure planning

We have established relationships with a variety of transportation companies, enabling us to handle all types of relocations including Base Realignment and Closure Services; those involving sensitive materials, laboratory equipment, large machinery, and specialized equipment; as well as large office complexes and small offices.