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Spectra Tech’s Capabilities

Administrative and Professional Services

Spectra Tech has over 11 years of experience and exceptional past performance providing administrative and professional support services for DoD customers:

Administrative Support:

  • Administrative Specialist (Levels I-III)
  • Project Coordinators
  • Outreach Program Coordinators
  • Records Management Technicians
  • Security Clerk Services
  • Order Clerks
  • Payroll/Accounting Clerks

Professional Support:

  • Library Technicians
  • Publications Technicians
  • Technical Editors
  • Presentation Development Technicians
  • Graphics Support Technicians
  • Photographer and Illustrator Services
  • Drafters
  • Accounting Services/Financial Program Support Specialists

Logistics and Facilities Support Services

Spectra Tech has over 10 years of experience and exceptional past performance providing logistics support services, warehouse support services, and facilities operations and maintenance services for DoD customers:

Logistics Support:

  • Integrated Logistics Support Services
  • Property Accountability Services
  • Security Specialists
  • Supply Technician Support Services
  • Relocation Services

Facilities Support:

  • Warehouse Specialists
  • Warehouse Operations Services
  • Drivers
  • Equipment Operators
  • Laborers
Spectra Tech offers a comprehensive range of services that allow us to manage every aspect of your Facility project.

Audiovisual Engineering and IT Systems Support Services

Spectra Tech has over 10 years of experience and exceptional past performance providing audiovisual integration services, network engineering, network administration/support, data analysis, and IT helpdesk support for DoD customers:

Audiovisual Support Services:

  • Audiovisual Technicians
  • Communications Technicians
  • VTC Engineers
  • Audiovisual Operators
  • Videographer Services

IT Support Services:

  • IT Helpdesk Support Services
  • Data Software Analysts
  • Remote Server Administration
  • NOC/SOC Support Services

Environmental and Safety Support for Laboratory Operations

Spectra Tech has the experience and exceptional past performance providing environmental and safety support in laboratory environments for DoD customers:

Environmental Services:

  • Chemical and Gas Support Services for U.S. Government Laboratories
  • Environmental, Safety, Facilities and Health Support Services
  • Environmental Program Technicians

Safety Support:

  • Safety Program Support Services
  • Emergency Operations Support Services
  • Emergency Management Technicians